Cuevas & Cuevas | Inbound-Outbound Tax Solutions
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Inbound-Outbound Tax Solutions

International experts to support your Inbound and Outbound operations plans

The right international tax structure can give you a competitive advantage.

Cuevas & Cuevas International Business Tax Advisors can work with your legal and financial professionals to help manage your worldwide tax exposure.

What’s on your mind?

  • Managing global operations and complex foreign transactions
  • Managing global tax exposure
  • Risks of noncompliance with international tax laws
  • Avoiding double-taxation of domestic and global income
  • Understanding income tax treaties

A unique approach

Our commitment to your success is without boundary or border. Together, we can manage your global tax exposure and keep you competitive by implementing the most effective global structure. Working closely with your legal and financial professionals in the United States and abroad, we can help you develop tax solutions that align with your business goals.

“We depended on the experience and expertise of the Cuevas & Cuevas global services team to help us weigh our international options. Now they are helping us implement our plans. They are as committed to our success as any of our international team members.”
- Austin Clark, Vice-President
International Operations

How we can help

  • Holding companies (locations, tax efficiency)
  • Corporate transactions
  • Remuneration planning
  • Global sourcing and supply chain management
  • Establishing joint ventures using wholly owned international entities
  • International mergers, acquisitions, and due diligence
  • International gift and estate tax advice
  • Controlled foreign corporation tax planning
  • Foreign subsidiary loss utilization and related limitations
  • Transfer pricing studies
For additional information regarding our accounting and advisory services, please contact us.