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Oil and Gas

Keeping You Focused on Your Core Business: Oil and Gas

At Cuevas & Cuevas, LLP, we understand the complexities of the oil and gas industry and the numerous challenges you face. Your financial management and tax requirements should not be a distraction to the focus of your core business. Our seasoned professionals provide bookkeeping and tax services to upstream, midstream and downstream companies. Our client base includes drilling, exploration and production, refining and marketing, gas marketing and distribution companies.

At Cuevas & Cuevas, LLP, we understand the financial reporting implications for oil and gas companies including:

  • SEC Rule SX 4-10 Full Cost Method
  • FAS 19 Successful Efforts Method
  • FAS 141 Purchase Method
  • Production Revenue and Royalty Record Keeping
  • Joint Venture Bookkeeping and Joint Interest Billings
  • Depletion, Depreciation and Amortization
  • FAS 143 Asset Retirement Obligations and Environmental Issues
  • Reserve Report and FAS 144 Analysis
  • FAS 69 Oil and Gas Reporting Disclosures
  • Multi-Currency Reporting
  • Production Imbalances
  • Debt and Equity Financing Arrangements
  • FAS 133 Derivative
Cuevas & Cuevas brings value to the table, not just compliance. The Cuevas & Cuevas team understands our business and has been a dependable strategic partner since our inception.``
- Bruce Axler
Localland Resources, Inc.

Our oil and gas clients range from start-up exploration and development companies to operating production companies with over half a billion in properties and make up 35% of our client base. Whether you are an operator or non-operator, gas vs. oil focused or domestic vs. international company, we understand your business and can provide you the expertise you need.

The oil and gas sector presents its own set of unique tax challenges. Our tax department is prepared to meet those challenges with a depth of experience advising on tax issues that are prevalent in the oil and gas industry. Our clients understand the importance of selecting advisors who appreciate the history and evolution of oil and gas tax issues, given the sparseness of code provisions and ever-changing tax environment that exists today. Our team has the experience that clients need to address complex issues and intricacies of depletion or intangible drilling cost rules.

Specialists in our oil and gas practice demonstrate an inherant understanding of the industry and provide expertise to help clients address critical business issues.

Our service offering includes:

  • M&A Financial Due Diligence
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Tax Dispute, IRS Representation and Other Related Services
  • Consultation on Complex Issues
  • Corporate¬†Business Advisory Services
For additional information regarding our petroleum industry and advisory services, please contact us.