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Professional Bookkeeping



Professional Bookkeeping

At the very core of a successfully run business (and an efficient tax engagement), are reliable supporting numbers. Those supporting numbers are more than a financial marker of where you’ve been; they often provide key indicators of where you’re going.

Regardless of your industry or of the size of your business, we can provide bookkeeping  and personnel support to your organization that will help you gain clarity on your financial situation and efficiencies in your day to day operations. Our comprehensive services, such as financial statement preparation, monthly and quarterly reviews, on-site assistance, controllership services and property, sales and payroll tax services are provided by qualified professionals who are extraordinarily committed to helping you understand the value of the numbers. With QuickBooks Professionals on our team, we bring an added level of expertise to many of our clients’ bookkeeping needs.

Bookkeeping Software

While we don’t act as a reseller for any bookkeeping software package, we do have experience and knowledge of all major bookkeeping software programs. We can work with your system or help you research, select and implement a new system to suit your growing needs.

Sales and Use Tax

The national landscape of today’s Sales and Use / Operational Tax environment is rapidly changing. Jurisdictions are leveraging transaction tax increases to patch revenue gaps in their current budgets through policy changes and an increase in audit activities. Furthermore, local municipalities are focusing on property tax and business licenses to gain greater access to constituent revenue.

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Professional Bookkeeping Packages
  • Basic Plan

  • $Please Contact usMonthly
    • Entry of up to 100 transactions
    • Reconciliation of up to 1 checking and 1 saving account
    • Reconciliation of 1 credit card account
    • Prepare Annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement

  • Purchase
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  • Small Business Plan

  • $Please Contact usMonthly
    • Entry of up to 125 transactions
    • Reconciliation of up to 2 checking, 1 savings or 1 PayPal account
    • Reconciliation of up to 2 credit card accounts
    • Client invoice creation
    • Prepare Quarterly balance sheet, profit & loss and accounts receivable reports

  • Purchase
  • Growing Business

  • $Please Contact usMonthly
    • Entry of up to 200 transactions
    • Reconciliation of up to 3 checking, 2 savings or 1 payroll account
    • Reconciliation of up to 2 credit card accounts
    • Client invoice creation
    • Prepare monthly client statements
    • Prepare monthly balance sheet, profit & loss and accounts receivable reports
    • Includes Quarterly Tax Package
    • Includes Year-End Tax Package

  • Purchase
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Other Packages
More Facts

Year End Tax Package

Getting Ready for Tax Return Preparation
Year End Taxes

  • Subcontractor set up and monitoring – preparation of yearly 1099s (up to 25 contractors)
  • Preparation of yearly 1096 transmittal
  • Annual tax package prepared for tax preparation including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and General Ledger, copy of your December bank statement and reconciliation report, and copies of invoices for any fixed asset purchases


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Quarterly Tax Package

Pay Your Taxes on Time to Avoid Costly Fees
Quarterly Tax Preparation & Filings

  • Quarterly payroll return preparation and filing
  • Quarterly sales tax return preparation and filing

Bookkeeper Double-Check

Review Your In-House Bookkeeper for Accuracy
QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbooks or Peachtree

  • Have in-house administrative staff handling your bookkeeping? Having your QuickBooks reviewed on a quarterly or semi-annual basis will ensure transactions are being properly recorded ensuring accurate financial data which allows you to make those important business decisions. Plus our bookkeeper double-check will save money on those extra clean up tax preparation fees at the end of the year.
QuickBooks Set up Package

We Set Up Your QuickBooks File to Save Your Time and Money
QuickBooks Set Up

  • Setting up Chart of Accounts
  • Editing QuickBooks preferences to match your company needs
  • Creation of customized invoice template using company logo
  • Setting up vendors, clients and employees